Upcycling with MODbotanicals

I have been antiquing for years … now they call it “repurposing” or “upcycling”. Any way you say it, I am happy to join in and feed my creative spirit. Shopping for that great find has taken on a new purpose for me because now I am looking for things to pair with my MODbotanicals and Eclectic Geometric patterns. I have had so much fun teaching myself to do simple reupholstering techniques on chairs and stools.

My BIG idea is to offer fabric panels to interior designers that can be customized for specific chairs that the designer would already possess which could then be applied by the designer. My patterns are designed to be easily reformatted to any size or proportion and can be easily adjusted to any color palette that a designer is envisioning.

Here’s how it will work:

  1. The designer sends me a digital photo of the intended chair along with a color palette and a size template of the seat pad.
  2. I will supply a digital rendition of the chair with pattern options actually on the chair (I do this in photoshop) along with a flat rendering on the template in the supplied color palette.
  3. Upon mutual agreement of desired design, the digital file will be sent to Spoonflower for printing. When I have approved the final print for quality and color match, I will send the fabric panel to the designer who would then have their own supplier to apply to their chair.

I like the idea of turning a simple chair into a piece of art. Rather than a typical repeat patterned fabric, you now have the ability to design an image that complements the shape and style of a chair while tying it into your room design. An added benefit is that I have a library of coordinating patterns that can be used for other details in your room such as pillows, window panels, lampshades or wall hangings.

It is those little details that can make your visions shine!



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