MOD Wood Burning

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Lisa Lounge GeoTribal Wood burning Illustration

Sometimes the most creative ideas come from marrying modern forms to an old technique. How many of you remember playing with Wood Burning as a child? I am always drawn to boxes with a wood burned pattern in antique stores and the retro cowboy images on wood plaques. When I was inking my latest GeoTribal motif, the ink marks kind of reminded me of the marks left by a wood burning tool, so I figured I might try my hand at it.

The result so far has really excited me. It’s a tedious process but I kind of get into a zone and the smell of the burning wood reminds me of camping. I love the contrast of the lighter wood with the burn marks and I want to try some other types of wood. This wood is a poplar laminate and I plan to trim it out with rounded corners. I also want to try larger separate motifs in difference woods that can then be montaged together as a wall hanging.

Here’s a little video of how the tool works.

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