2018 Word of the Year

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Lisa Lounge 2018 Word of the Year


OK. I finally figured it out after a nice conversation with a fellow creative this morning. We were both checking in and discussing the new year and how to get started.

After a year of fun explorations (which I will probably continue to do), now is the year to kick my butt in gear and DO SOMETHING with all my new ideas. Instead of hiding behind my veil of creative exploration, I realize I need to do the scary part now and get it out there with purpose. The only way to do that is through EXPOSURE!!!!

More than just exposing my work to the Interior Design market, I need to expose myself to the same market and learn how it ticks. How else am I going to sell to interior designers. I need to figure out how interior designers find the pieces for their clients and also what venue of interior design would be the best fit for my style.

For me, the hardest part of all this is going to be the social media task list. Luckily I have lots of resources that I can lean on for some great social media strategy. I also have a LOT of content from my 2017 Year of Exploring!

So… Let the year of  2018 E X P O S U R E  begin…

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